Arkansas Waterways Association Conference

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Arkansas Waterways Association Conference

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November 6th at 6 p.m. Social and net-working
Maritime Museum in North Little Rock
“Eat my Catfish” and beverages provided
November 7th 8 a.m. -2:00 Conference
Marriott Banquet Room (lunch provided)
(see attached line-up of speakers)

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AWA is excited to add Recreation and Tourism as part of our ‘areas of focus.’

The Arkansas Waterways Association (AWA) was created in 1995 with a Mission “to establish Arkansas as a leader in waterway transportation to promote community building and economic development”.
• AWA works to unite public and private support for the waterways of Arkansas by communicating with a united voice.
• AWA works to develop and provide accurate information regarding our navigable waterways.
• AWA works to educate the general public and policy makers about the impact of Arkansas’s navigable rivers on local communities, the national economy and the global marketplace.
• AWA works to protect the environmental qualities of the State’s navigable waterways.
• AWA works to develop support and participation of new leaders from across the State who can advocate for the future of Arkansas’s navigable waterways.

The Arkansas Waterways Association represents over 90 public and private organizations from around Arkansas. These organizations include public and private ports, navigation, transportation, international trade, tourism, recreation, agriculture, energy and governmental interests.

The Arkansas Waterways Association works to promote activities on the Arkansas River, the Mississippi River, the Red River, the Ouachita River and the White River. Arkansas has over 1000 miles of inland waterways.

The Arkansas Waterways Association has several focus areas:
Navigation – AWA advocates for funding for Arkansas’s navigable waterways; this is done by working with the Corps of Engineers, stakeholders and policy makers to ensure that appropriate information is provided for effective decision-making.

Environment – AWA works to protect the environment while preserving the economic value of our Arkansas’s waterways

Energy – AWA advocates for Arkansas’s waterways to be utilized as a clean, renewable source of energy (hydro-power) for our communities.

Tourism / Recreation – AWA recognizes that Arkansas’s waterways are priceless assets that attract tourist and recreational users from around the Country; AWA strives to promote these activities as a vital part of economic development

Infrastructure – AWA acknowledges that Arkansas’s waterways are a critical component of this Country’s infrastructure system; AWA works to ensure that this message is not lost among the decision makers.